About Forty-Fifth

Our skills are diverse, unique and widespread completing quality, on-time work with industry best practices.

At Forty-Fifth, front-end web design and development is our speciality and client collaboration is our promise.  It is our belief that efficiency is best achieved when partnering for success. Whether you are looking for a fresh build, maintenance on a current website or some simple re-design, we can accommodate and deliver your project on-time.

Our unique skillset makes us more than just your web developer. Between our superior project management skills and unique insight into a broad spectrum of markets, we go beyond web development and maintenance. Having rebranded, trademarked and cultivated markets for all sizes and types of clients; our expertise runs deep.

Large, small or somewhere in-between, we look forward to impressing every client we encounter, with every project we engage.

Erica Lanier – Managing Director

As Managing Director and Director of Client Services, Erica is on the frontline of ensuring that projects run smoothly and that client needs are met. Erica brings 8 years of project management and client service coordination experience to Forty-Fifth. An unapologetic, multi-tasking wizard, Erica got her start in the non-profit sector, managing crisis response teams in an administrative environment. Though skilled in performance and compliance monitoring, she became best known for her ability to diffuse hostile situations through adaptability, problem-solving and effective client engagement. Transitioning into database management, Erica oversaw the day-to-day maintenance of a highly collaborative international psychology resource website for many years, earning her a reputation as a dynamic workflow expert. It is her belief that teamwork is key. While the scope and objectives of the business may change, Erica's philosophy does not: efficiency is best achieved when partnering with her clients for success.

Marshall Hayes – Principal Developer

As principal developer and visionary of Forty-Fifth, Marshall Hayes is a true industrialist with a deep commitment to creating a successful and healthy company that is a leader in handcrafted excellence. Whether you are looking for a fresh build, maintenance on a current website or a simple re-design, he can accommodate. Marshall has proven himself a strong leader with an uncanny ability to ensure that the websites he creates communicate the client's message in the most effective and efficient way possible. Marshall Hayes is more than just a developer– he is a veteran of the armed forces, a father and lifetime entrepreneur. Marshall built a multi-national manufacturing company in his early twenties, which was later awarded the 2011 Colorado Companies To Watch Award. This experience makes him someone who truly understands the challenges your business or non-profit faces on a day-to-day basis.